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November 18, 2012
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(Contains: violence/gore and ideologically sensitive material)

Breathing in air, the stench of blood and rotting wood fills your nose, nausiating you with the intenseness of it all. Your older sister stood up infront you, her shadow looming over your body, which was currently on the ground. "Please...sissy.." you beged, your 6 year old body shaking out of fear. "Don't call me that!" the woman screeched, kicking your side brutally in punishment. You only managed a feeble cry as the air rushed out of you.

The woman then ditched your body and left the room with the slam of a door, not bothering to help you or fuss over your wounds. Letting out another soft cry of pain, you longed for a gentle, healing touch. You then cursed your sister. She is the one who inflicted a year and a half of agony and never ending mysery. Why? Sister did that because you were different.

Your little kitten ears, stained from countless attempts of your sister trying to saw,rip,or tear them off, flicked slightly. You lived in a little cabin in the middle of the woods. It had two bedrooms and a bathroom, with a small, humble living room in the heart of the house. You were locked in the room farthest from the entrance, imprisoned there for your life.

This isn't a room in your point of view. This is a torture chamber. You glanced around, thinking that the room should belong in one of those cheesey horror films. Still sprawled on the ground, you looked at the dried and crispy blood that smeared the floor,then to a table with kinves of all sort. Slowly, you sat up, letting out a hiss of pain."Why do I get up if I only get pushed to the ground again?" you thought out loud, easing your way off the sticky floor. You looked at your damaged tail. Blood was gushing from the tip of the (fur color) tail to about the mid-section, where there were painful marks. Older sister had tried to skin it.

She is the one.The one to all of your suffering. She is the one who took you to this hell-hole. She is also the reason you were bailing out. Tonight. Older sis was going out for her monthly girls night with her friends. You know this because it happens on the third Thursday of every month. Kinda like a monthly Thanksgiving. "Perfect." you muttered as you inspected  your tail. Silently hoping older sis would forget to lock your door so you could escape, you try to focus all of your energy to your damaged tail.
You were depending on this one mistake.

You were currently healing your tail, holding the damaged part in your hands as they shone a gentle blue. "You show the lights that stop me turn to stone. You shine it when I'm alone. And so I tell myself that I'll be strong and dreaming when they're gone. 'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home. Calling, calling, calling home. You show the lights that stop me turn to stone. You shine it when I'm alone." you chant softly as the wound healed up. You look at your tail, satisfied that the (fur color) cat feature had healed up nicley, only leaving a faint scar.

(I got the lyrics from

You wait intently for a while, planning your simple yet risky escape. Not to long after you full-proofed your plan, making it flawless, you heard your older sister. She was talking estatically over the phone with someone. "Ya, girl! See ya in 10!" you heard her say before there was the 'click' of the phone being set on the holder.

The sound of footsteps coming to your door made your heart drop. She was going to lock it. You waited, expecting to hear a 'clink' of a key locking the knob. You gazed at it pleadingly. The noise never came. Instead, the footsteps retreated steadily, followed by the opening and closing of the front door. You inhaled a gasp of relief, followed by a hacking cough of weakness. Standing up, you cautiously made it to the door.

You reached up and grab the handle of the door, and slowly turned it. You heart jumped to your throat as the door loosened as push the door open. It swung out, making a slight creeking noise. You padded out of  the room carefully, swiviling your ears to navigate any sign of life. No one. You let out a trill of excitement before charging out of the room. You were trying to find Older Sis's room for the proper supplies. You found it after explorering the house a little. Digging through her wardrobe, you found your clothes. She normally brought a fresh set of clothes every week.

You peeled the old clothes off of you and put on underwear, a pair of denim jeans, and a (f/c) T-shirt. Grabbing Older Sis's gray hoodie, you put it on your small frame. Pulling the hood over you head to hide your kitten ears, you made your way to the front door. Upon reaching the door, you glanced around one more time. "Bye." you mutter to nothing in particular before swinging the door open and bounding out of the cabin. The sun was setting, so you had plenty of time before dawn, which was when Older sis usually got back. You had to make the best of your time, so you immediatly began running in a random direction.

After an hour of running~~~

You had amazing stamina for a six year old, but what do you expect when you hold a cat spirit inside of you?

Slowing to a stop, you closed your eyes and strained your cat-like sences to go farther, beyond your regular sight, hearing, and smell. Your distant vision was fuzzy, and you could barley make out a house about a mile or so away. Hope flared inside of you, kindiling like fire. Opening your eyes, you begin to walk in that genral direction. After 30 more minutes of walking, you fell like you are about to reach your limits. Hanging your head in fatigue, you limp forward, hoping to find the house you recently saw. Glancing up again, your eyes widened. About a couple yards away was the house!

Despite the excitement stirring in you, you couldn't find the strength to run to the house. Instead, you pushed on with the same, weak walk, letting out the occasional cough of illness. By now, it was dark outside, the only light coming from the windows of the comfortable looking house. After seemingly forever, you make it to the front door of the promising structure. Lifting up a hand, you curl it into a fist and knock as loud as you could. Your legs ave uout from under you, and you collapsed, letting out a soft 'mew' as you fell. Blackness swallowed you whole, leaving you numb and relieved.

NordicsxAbused!half-Neko!Child!reader Introby MurderScreamer

Literature / Fan Fiction / Drama©2012-2014 MurderScreamer
Mature Content
Heyo! This is for a contest, and this is just part 1 :3 Tell me about any mistakes I made. THIS IS JUST AN INTRO ^^

:iconsexynorwayplz: :iconsexyswedenplz: :iconsexyicelandplz: :iconsexydenmarkplz: :iconsexyfinlandplz:

EDIT: voting is closed :3 sorry, peeps!

Chapter 1: [link]

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The plot ^^
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