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May 29, 2013
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    I’m tired of it all. They worship her ,yet shun me. Playing in the light she brings and then sleeping through the midnight masterpiece I create. It cruel. What did I do to deserve this!?

    I paced around my room, the rays of the sun peaking through my window. The thoughts ran around in my head like the Wonderbolts, leaving behind an exhaust of bitterness and resentment.

    “WHY?” I tossed my head back and cried out. I waited for an answer.

    “Why, what?” I heard the calm voice of my older sibling ask. I spun around to see her at the door of my room. I turned away stubbornly.

    “You wouldn’t understand.” I growl, Making it clear I do not want to talk with her.

            “If you would say why you’re so upset, I would.” Celestia ushered, walking over to me and pressing her immaculate, white pelt next to my dark blue one. She wasn’t going to get to me that easily. I side stepped away from her.

            “Leave my room.” I say in the coldest voice I could manage.


            “I SAID LEAVE!” I barked at her. The look of horror on her face gave me a twinge of satisfaction. She left my abode head down, shoulders slumped, looking defeated. To make my statement final, I slammed the door shut as soon as the tip of her ever-moving tail disappeared from view. 

    That twinge I felt earlier was gone. I deepened my frown and continued my pacing.


       "What if...What if there was no daylight. They would be forced to play and go outside in the night if there was no day..." I grinned at that. The twinge returned.This time, though, it was like a wave. A wave of relief and...and...something I could not describe. It was almost lika a satisfied feeling, but with a hint of emptyness.

    I ignored the emptyness.


    "Tonight..." I began in a hushed tone. "Tonight... I will raise the moon, but will refuse to lower it...yes..." My grin widened into a wicked smile. My plan was risky, but I was more than certain that I could beat my sister at this. I glanced over at my bed.

    Not having slept yet, I yawned.

    "I must get some rest if I'm going to do anything right." I talked to myself. I seem to do that alot...

    ~Timeskippity skip skip~

    "Where am I...?" I wailed out loud. Where ever the heck I was, I didn't like it. It was dark and lonely, with very little light except for the subtle glow of the gray, dusty ground beneath my hooves. The darkness seemed to surround me, swollowing me whole.

    "S-siter...?" I called out. The sound echoed. I was suprised at how weak my voice was. 

    "Anyone...?" my voice had risen a couple of octaves, which made me sound like a child again.

    "How weak." A deeper, yet familiar voice answered back. I nearly jumped out of my pelt upon hearing that voice. I wildly spun my head, heart beating faster than ever.


    "You look so pitiful, child." the voice cooed in a mocking tone.

    I was fed up with this.

    "Who in the name of Equestria are you!?" I yelled furiously at nothing in particular.

    A mare stepped out of seemingly nowhere. My breath caught in my throat. She looked like another version of me. Her mane was like mine, but hers was out of control. Her pelt was a midnight black, and her eyes the same crystal blue. Instead of round pupils, the mare's were mere slits, much like a cat's. There was a very smug, evil look on her face. I couldn't help but shrink back a little.

    Even though we were about the same height, I felt as though the mare looked down at me.

    "The name is Nightmare Moon." she said in a firm, powerful voice before disappearing completly.

    She left me feeling confused.

    ~~~Another little timeskip :3~~~

"Okay, Luna. Its my turn. You can go rest now." I heard my elder sister announce. Judging on the sound of her voice, she must have just woken up. My heart picked up the pace a little. It was time.

    I turned to her and, as calmly as I could, I said a simple "No."

    Celestia looked shocked.


    "I said no."

    "Oh, Luna. I know you don't like the mornings, but you must. Please?"

    "I will never." I had that feeling again. The same one I felt when I came up with the idea. I allowed it to take control.

    "I vow to shroud the land in eternal night." I snarled at her. I felt an odd, tingling feeling spread throughout my body. I closed my eyes. My adrenaline started pumping. When I opened them again, I felt...different. I was ready to take on whatever she would throw at me.

    "Then you leave me no choice, sister..." she said in a saddened tone. Her eyes began to glow, and so did the tip of her horn. I planted my hooves on the ground. I couldn't help but let out a small gasp as I saw the Elements of Harmony seemingly appear around her.

    "I'm sorry..." She whispered before blasting me with the power of her horn. As soon as the rays hit my flank, I blacked out.

    ~~~Dun dun DUUUUUN~~~

    I awoke on cold, hard ground. White hooves and legs were standing before me. I lifted my head up to see Celestia standing there, looking down at me.

    "With the power I hold, I banish thee to the moon for eternity." her voice was cold as the tip of her horn touched my forehead. The room began spinning.

    "NO SISTER!" I wailed. After hearing my voice, I abruptly closed it. It was the same voice as the mare in my dream's. The room spun around me, faster and faster, until it just vanished.

    I looked at my new surroundings. Nothing. I glanced down at the ground. My heart skipped a beat. It was the same grey, dusty ground as it was in my dream. I felt horror creep up on me. Turning my head to look at my tail, I gasped.

    My pelt had changed to pitch black. My mane was flicking outr of control in rapid, unever waves.

    I was the thing I feared.

    I was Nightmare Moon.


Her Shadow (MLP FIM)by MurderScreamer

Literature / Fan Fiction / Drama©2013-2014 MurderScreamer
Sorry this is so late :'D

I feel somewhat proud of this one ^^ It was super fun to write. My bad if the ending is shit -_- It was around 2 in the morning when I finished this...


I really don't own anything. :iconxjrgayx: drew a fabulous picture! [link]

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